About Us


About Us

RB electronic limited is a professional manufacturer in LED light source,have engaged in manufacturing, researching and sales of led light product for years. we have well-trained team including full experienced technicians and salesman, With our hard work and improvement , we have earned a great reputation in the LED area.

RB have years experience in LED light source. now we focuse to explore the LED lighting market . we promote series of led lighting product ,including the indoor lighting and outdorr lighting : smd bulb , smd coin bulb ,high power led bulb , SMD G4 series, led strip, linear light,tude light….
We commit ourselves to the development of the LED lighting ,which be the main lighting source in the coming future . LED lighting highly save energy , long lifespan .Our company is absorted in led lighting product ,made with SMD (Surface Mount Diode ). SMD lighting has outstanding advantage than the through hole LED lighting : Compacte size , high intensity,consistent brightness,low heat ,low power dissipation. SMD lighting will be the giant in the lighting area.

All of our productions are manufactured under internationally approved standard and strict quality control .We have passed ISO 9001:2000 and have owned a number of Lamp Test Reports to better serve our export markets.Basing on domestic market and aiming at the oversea market, has gradually established worldwide market, open and wide.

“Excellence production, best offer , dedicated service, rapid action” is the police of company, have continue to maintain. Under the same spirit, we shall further enhance the rapidest service for our customers over the world.

Manufacturing Strength :
Cost reduction – to extensively reduce cost by maximizing the efficiency of equipment (production).
Shortening lead-time – to shorten the line switching time, to ensure full yield rate and zero stock.
Strict quality demand – use of optimal quality equipment and parts for full yield rate and drawing out of a well-organized quality maintenance system for part defects.
Demanding an artificially-imposed environment – implementation of factory automation to create a comfortable working environment.

Main product : led light ,LED light bulb , LED SMD bulb ,led household bulb, led corn bulb, SMD G4 bulb, LED wall washer, ceiling light,
high power spot lamp, SMD flexible strip, SMD rigid strip, smd module

Factroy Address

Jibei village ,Shuangshui Town ,
Xinhui District,Jiangmen city ,
Guangdong Province,
China .

Office Address

Building 4th, No.11, Zhenxing Er Road ,
Xinhui District ,Jiangmen City ,
Guangdong Province ,
China .
TEL: 0086-750-6197280
Fax: 0086-750-6197280
Website: http://www.rbelectronic.com
Email:    Sales@rbelectronic.com