LED Shelf Edge Light as Back Light for Showcase

The Shelf Edge Light can clip the plate of  shelf

The LED Shelf Edge Light can attach to existing shelving and cabinet displays, including glass shelves adn under-shelf or under-cabinet displays. Available in a variety of colors and finishes.
The fixture is the perfect solution for retail display shelves and the showcase of jewelry with an impressive design edge. Expect low maintenance features, decreased power consumption and an incredible burst of light with our LED light bar .

Product information:

Item Code Working Volt Wattage LED Quantity Luminous Flux CRI Dimension (mm)
SL11B-464 12VDC 5.1W 51pcs 2835 LED 300LM >85 464*35*H12
SL11B-564 12VDC 6.3W 63pcs 2835 LED 370LM >85 564*35*H12
SL11B-664 12VDC 7.5W 75pcs 2835 LED 450LM >85 664*35*H12
SL11B-764 12VDC 8.7W 87pcs 2835 LED 520LM >85 764*35*H12
SL11B-864 12VDC 9.9W 99pcs 2835 LED 590LM >85 864*35*H12
SL11B-964 12VDC 11.1W 111pcs 2835 LED 660LM >85 964*35*H12
SL11B-1164 12VDC 13.5W 135pcs 2835 LED 810LM >85 1164*35*H12

Color Temperature : 3000K/4000K/6500K
Material & Finish : Aluminum, PC & Coffee
Protection Rating : IP20




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