Ultra Thin Home Kitchen Led Under Cabinet Lighting 12VDC

Using quality aluminum heatsink for excellent heat dissipation.
Innovative lighting with ultra slim and lightweight profile. NO UV/IR, low heat and long lifetime

Extremely thin LED light gives out high and even light with low heat .
It is ideal for furniture decorative lighting, display and show case .

Recessed Light Fixture with 9 High Powered White/Warm White 2835SMD LEDs. 12VDC operation.
Fixed anodized aluminum mount measures 60mm (2.36 inches) diameter x 13.3mm (0.52 inches) thick.
Flush mounts in Ф55mm (2.16 inch) hole using mounted retaining clips.
Fixed acrylic protector lens. 30 degree beam pattern.
Introdution: 45°Bean angle
High quality aluminum case
For recess mounting,Press-fit in Ф55mm hole
Use 9pcs high power 3014SMD LEDs as light source

Model: RB-CL9K
Dia: 60mm (2.36 inches)
Height: 13.3mm (0.52 inches)
Material: Aluminum
Surface: Anodized
Color: warm white/cool white
Voltage: DC12V
Illumination: 120LM
Wattage: 1.8W
Package: 1PCS
Power line length: 2.5m (98 inches)

Description (MM):