LED High 2835SMD Constant Current Series 20M No Voltage Drop

Constant Current Series 2835 LED Strip is made by 2835(Ultra-Low Power)
latest new constant current technology and is designed to cosistent
current and voltage of strip from the front to the end no drop difference

LED High 2835SMD Constant Current Series 20M No Voltage DropBuilt-in IC

Model Color Light ouput
Per Meter
Beam Angle
Voltage(VDC) Max. Power Consumption
RB-FS2835W60-CC white 1390 2835SMD 60 20M 120 24 14.4 85/90
RB-FS2835NW60-CC Natural White 1260 60 120 24 14.4 85/90
RB-FS2835WW60-CC warm white 1240 60 120 24 14.4 85/90
RB-FS2835W120-CC white 2770 120 120 24 28.8 85/90
RB-FS2835NW120-CC Natural White 2720 120 120 24 28.8 85/90
RB-FS2835WW120-CC warm white 2380 120 120 24 28.8 85/90

With high cost-effective performance, and bendableColor Also Available in  red, yellow, green, blue


Available in 12VDC 24VDC.
Super Bright 2835SMD LEDS.
Little or no heat, low power consumption.
Can be cut to size at marked intervals and rejoined by electricians.
Operating temperature: -10 C ~ 40 heat C.
Long life span of LED lights, 30,000 hours plus.
RGB Color changing available.
Continuous length flexible LED light strips
Solid-state, high vibration resistant SMD chips.
Small & powerful LED!

Border or perimeter lighting.
Sign back light
Shelf light
Architectural decorative lighting .
Use indoor and outdoors (Silicone or Gel Type only) use to highlight areas.
Concealed lighting
Cove and under cabinet lighting.
Deck lighting


waterproof level

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