RGB + CCT 5 in 1 Led Flexible Strip 24VDC

5-in-1 5050 LED Strip Light with RGB + Tunable White

5-in-1 LED Strip Light with RGB + Tunable White gives you the ability to create bolder colors than ever before, making it perfect for use in scenic, stage and retail environments. The 5-in-1 is that; five chips conveniently packaged in just one LED, allowing for richer tones and cooler hues that were previously impossible to achieve with a single strip. In addition to containing an RGB diode, this strip also features both a 2,500K white and a 6,500K white diode to create any color temperature of white light between 2,500 and 6,500 Kelvin.

Create higher quality whites, achieve seamless color blending and utilize a nearly endless color palette. When mixed the with RGB colors, the tunable white LEDs allow for deeper blues and purples, bolder colors and more vibrant pastels than standard RGB strip lights.

RGB+CCT 5in1 Features:
5 CHIPS in 1 LED , RGB & CCT full color range
Color Changing Smoothly
RGB+3000K~6000K Adjustable
16 millions of mixed color for choice
3OZ FPC, Original 3M Brand Tape



waterproof level

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