Led Flexible Wall Washer Strip TPU DC24V 3030SMD IP65

TPU flexible wall washer is one of the most pouplar Led flexible strip series.This product breaks the difficulty of the traditional outdoor LED wall washer which is hard to connect in one meter. It can supply power up to 10 meters at the single end, making the outdoor construction more convenient.Compared with the traditional silica gel which is easy to yellowing, abrasion and not resistant to low temperature. TPU material with excellent weather resistance is used as the outer surface material of the molding products, which provides excellent resolution and brightness and has great visual impact. At the same time, different light angles are provided for users to choose.

Products character:

※ can supply power up to 10 meters at the single end

※ High transmittance 95%,Resistance to trample IK08,low temperature resistant-45°

※ Excellent weather resistance, salt and alkali resistance, anti UV4.5, high flame retardant V2

※Various angles and colors are available

Electrical & output data
Voltage (V)    24 Volt (23 Vmin, 25 Vmax)
Step length    125 mm/3 LED
Power (W/m)    18
max. length(m)    10
Min cut(mm)    125
Current    100 mA per Step
Ambient temperature    Tamin = –25°C, Tamax = 40°C
Storage temperature    Tsmin = –30°C, Tsmax = 85°C
Beam Angle(°)    15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 20×45°
IK Level    IK08

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